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UK garage (also known as UKG or simply garage)
is a genre of electronic dance music originating from the United Kingdom in the early 1990s. UK garage is a descendant of house music which originated in Chicago and New York. The genre usually features a distinctive syncopated 4/4 percussive rhythm with 'shuffling' hi-hats and beat-skipping kick drums. Garage tracks also commonly feature 'chopped up' and time-shifted or pitch-shifted vocal samples complementing the underlying rhythmic structure. UK garage was largely subsumed into other styles of music and production in the mid-2000s, including Bassline, Grime, UK Funky and Dubstep.

The evolution of house music in the UK in the mid 1990s led to the term, as previously coined by the Paradise Garage DJs, being applied to a new form of music also known as speed garage. In the late nineties the term 'UK garage' was settled upon by the scene. This style is now frequently combined with other forms of music like hip hop, rap and R&B, all broadly filed under the description urban music. The pronunciation of UK garage uses British English /ˈɡærɨdʒ/ garr-ij, rather than American English /ɡəˈrɑːʒ/ gə-rahzh.
Artists such as Grant Nelson, M.J. Cole, The Artful Dodger, Jaimeson, So Solid Crew, Heartless Crew, The Streets, Shanks & Bigfoot, DJ Luck and MC Neat, Sunship (Ceri Evans), Oxide and Neutrino and numerous others have made garage music mainstream in the UK, whilst Dizzee Rascal, Kano and Wiley's arrival raised the profile of grime, an offshoot of garage.
Cole once stated, "London is a multicultural city... it's like a melting pot of young people, and that's reflected in the music of UK garage".
Female garage artists include Lisa Maffia, Ms. Dynamite, Gemma Fox, Kele Le Roc, Shola Ama, Sweet Female Attitude, Mis-Teeq and Ladies First.
"'Garage' is considered a mangled term in dance music. The term derives from the Paradise Garage itself, but it has meant so many different things to so many different people that unless you're talking about a specific time and place, it is virtually meaningless. Part of the reason for this confusion (aside from various journalistic misunderstandings and industry misappropriations) is that the range of music played at the garage was so broad. The music we now call 'garage' has evolved from only a small part of the club's wildly eclectic soundtrack." -- Frank Broughton/Bill Brewster in Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

2-step's deprecation

2002 saw an evolution into two main directions: the first being that, 2-step was moving away from its funky and soul-oriented sound into a darker direction called grime (now a genre in its own right - generally no longer considered or classified as UK garage but retaining BPMs which usually range from 138-143 beats per minute, a common element in modern garage). During this period traditional UK garage was pushed back underground amongst the bad publicity emanating from the tougher side of the genre, and publicised violence surrounding members of the So Solid Crew.
Notable early grime artists around 2001-2003 include So Solid Crew, More Fire Crew, Dizzee Rascal's debut album Boy in da Corner, Roll Deep's mixtapes Volume 1 and 2 which were never released commercially and Wiley.

Revival of 2-step
In 2007, DJs such as DJ Nabstar, DJ Charma, DJ Elski, MistaPlum and Matt Farley have been involved in the promoting and revival of UK garage's popularity, with producers like Delinquent, Ayklogic, Control-S, Wideboys, DJ Ade, Marvel, Solution, Duncan Powell and Danny Dubz producing fresh new UK garage, also known as "new skool" UK garage.
So called "old skool" UK garage producers MJ Cole, Sunship, Wideboys, and Greg Stainer to name a few, have produced new UK garage to give the scene a huge push, which also provides a nostalgic link to the "old skool" UK garage scene.
The end of 2007 saw "new skool" UK garage push to the mainstream again with notable tracks like Delinquent's "My Destiny", T2's "Heartbroken", and Wideboys' "Snowflake" reaching the mainstream charts. This was topped by DJ EZ releasing Pure Garage Rewind: Back to the Old Skool, which contained three CD's of "old skool" UK garage and a fourth CD with fresh "new skool" UK garage.
The end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 has seen the rising popularity of an off-shoot of UK garage, called bassline. Artists like DJ Q, Riplash and Sus, DJ BDM & Ender MC, MC Bones, Northern Line Records, Brett Maverick, T2, and Delinquent have been producing fresh new bassline, and currently the UK garage scene contains a significant number of bassline producers, who are strongly promoting and pushing this subgenre of UK garage.
One popular mutation of UK garage is dubstep, originally a dark take on the 2-step garage sound. According to Kode9, the bass used takes influence from Jamaican music such as reggae music. It is now the sound of underground bass music in many UK towns and cities. Dubstep was originated by garage producers such as Wookie, Zed Bias, Shy Cookie, El-b and Artwork (Arthur Smith of DND), who inspired a new generation of producers such as Skream, Benga, Kode9 and Digital Mystikz to create what is now known as dubstep.
A current scene of people offshooting from dubstep, taking it back to its UK garage roots and fusing it with futuristic and often very off kilter modern production styles and more is often called Future garage. The term was coined by Sub FM boss Whistla, and proves to be very controversial with a lot of producers given the tag. Some notable innovators include Whistla, Submerse, Sully, Littlefoot, Erra, Kingthing as well as established artists from other areas such as Duncan Powell, Falty DL, Monz etc.
Some UK garage/grime/bassline/dubstep producers are leaning towards a newer evolution called UK funky, often misnamed Funky House, a term for commercial house music. UK funky takes production values from many different shades of UK garage music and blends them, at a standard house music tempo, with tribal style percussion. There are many different takes on UK funky, including producers such as Apple, Champion, Lil Silva, Roska and Scratcha DVA, who have a harder, more syncopated sound, and other producers aiming for a more commercial, R&B friendly audience, such as Crazy Cousinz.
Early 2011 saw the start of a gradual resurgence of 2-step garage.[2] Producer Mike Delinquent (previously part of the bassline/UK garage group Delinquent) has been seen as a driving force behind the revival, with DJs such as MistaJam, Annie Nightingale, and particularly Annie Mac stating on her Radio 1 show that he's "single handedly bringing garage back."[3] A song called "Out Of Control" featuring Kcat and Donae'o received airplay on KISS Radio and BBC Radio 1Xtra. There has also been a gradual increase in demand for UK garage remixes of chart songs. Producers such as Wookie, MJ Cole, Zed Bias, and Mark Hill (formerly one half of Artful Dodger) have made a return to the scene, by producing tracks with more of a 2-step feel.
UK garage is now at full force with a thriving underground scene. Artists such as Joy Orbison, George Fitzgerald, Disclosure, Pearson Sound, Addison Groove have redefined the genre taking production skills to the next level. Record labels such as Hotflush, Doldrums, Clek Clek Boom, Night Slugs, Swamp81, Fade to Mind put out releases very frequently from the prominent UKG producers.

Zed Bias (born Dave Jones) is an English electronic musician who operates within the UK garage and broken beat genres, both as a producer and a DJ. Jones has also released material under the pseudonym Maddslinky, and is half of the Phuturistix duo, as well as other side projects.
Zed Bias is best known for his single "Neighbourhood," which reached #25 in the UK charts in July 2000. He has remixed artists ranging from Gabrielle, Kosheen, Maxim, Pharoahe Monch and the Streets. He runs the Sidestepper Recordings label. Zed Bias' releases which explore a more experimental or progressive side of the 2-step garage sound have been hailed as a crucial element in the establishment of dubstep as a definable sound or genre.

El-B (real name Lewis Beadle) is a British producer and DJ. He is also noted as a pioneer of the dubstep genre.He runs the Ghost Recordings label and is also part of the duo El-Tuff and the band Groove Chronicles.He has been relatively inactive since 2004, but played a comeback set at The End in London in June 2006.

DJ Luck & MC Neat are a British musical duo, composed of Joel Samuels (aka DJ Luck) and Michael Rose (aka MC Neat), mainly performing a combination of house music and UK garage. They had three consecutive Top 10 hits in the United Kingdom in 1999 and 2000.
They are primarily known for their 1999 single, "A Little Bit of Luck", which started as a promotional dubplate, released at the price of £5.[citation needed] The track peaked at #9 in the United Kingdom in January 2000.That same year, they released a cover of "Master Blaster (Jammin)" by Stevie Wonder, re-titled "Masterblaster 2000", which featured the vocals of JJ, who is on a number of Luck & Neat's songs. The track was their highest British chart entry, reaching #5 in June 2000. Their version of "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" reached #8 in October that year.The duo also made an appearance on Top of The Pops performing their UK #12 track, "Piano Loco".
After the initial three chart hits they enjoyed, the majority of their work, along with their debut album, was produced along with, or by, the underground musician Shy Cookie, who was responsible the shift in their music from sample based to programmed (original) and live instruments, helping them to maintain underground credibility that in turn helped fuel their mainstream success.
By 2002, they were billed more simply as Luck & Neat.

Todd Edwards began his musical career around 1992. He employs vocal reconstruction techniques to his songs, creating a unique vocal collage set to a four-on-the-floor beat. Marc "MK" Kinchen, who is primarily responsible for pioneering this technique, is one of Edwards's influences. He is also a committed Christian. This is evident by recurring hidden messages found in his compositions, which often contain religious phrases.
With remixes numbering in the hundreds, some of the artists Edwards has remixed include Wildchild, St. Germain, Benjamin Diamond, Justice, Klaxons, and Dimitri From Paris. Much like his solo albums, his remixes make use of a complex vocal sampling technique, which in some cases renders the original track almost unrecognizable.
Edwards co-produced and performed vocals on the Daft Punk song "Face to Face" from the album Discovery. The song reached #1 on the Billboard Club chart in 2004.

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опаньки! на молдавских торрентах появляются приличные музыкальные треды.

приятного аппетита, ребята:

Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold "2 Step Garage"


Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast

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daaa, Mount Kimbie = masterpiece

#27 Diny4, &quot;... Artful Dodger - Movin&#039; Too Fast ...&quot; - :derpthumb:

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shtiu c nui garaj/beshi da anyway!! downtempo ftw
NEW LEVEL! synkro is da best.

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out NOW!
buy the vinyl!

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#33 Nemes1S, link me to the shop

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#34 polobok,
dude ambele sideuri si epice,
cumpara mie vinylu, s menya to samoe pivo :s
gooby pls :*

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#35 Nemes1S, oooook puiu

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patsani sani no luat vinilu, kidala

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Este cineva pe aici? :foreveralone: Topicu zbs!

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#39 kancelovski, da, temm!

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