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When you look at the carnage in our world..not the accidental or incidental episodes, but the state sponsored mega death rituals we continually watch, don't you wonder?

Who can stomach this kind of senseless murder and maiming of innocents? We're told there's this marauding band of super evil terrorists just waiting to inflict harm on "us innocent bystanders". (Remember, this is all according to what we're told.)

So what's the apparent response?

Inflict senseless murder and maiming of innocents as "collateral damage" to arrest this vast charge of invading murderers.

Sound fishy To You?

Yeah, obviously. But does anyone say anything anymore? And if so, who and how many? And do you even hear about it?

Beware Karma!

The clicker is counting. The grains of sand keep falling, and the karma keeps building. It's been said, "If America doesn't get punished, God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah...". Resonate with you?

That's pretty much the case. You can't wreak that much destruction, violence and death on the world without getting your due. What comes around goes around is a nice casual expression, but when it comes to the dimensions that this wicked nation - born, raised and fed by extreme violence - will reap, it pales in intended meaning.

Sorry. America is filled with wonderful people, as is any country, but they've been unwitting, or witting, accomplices in an unimaginable invasion on humanity. US Military forces are now in over 150 protect American dem-on-o-cracy.

Orwellian, or What?

And someone will pay. It's the law of karma. However you conceive it, you know it's true.

The End

The end is only when we, the people, give up. It's only when YOU, as an individual, give up. The end is never, in reality; but their bullshit bullying bulldozers try to tell you otherwise.


Seems "Babylon the Great is fallen" the Bible predicts. It's not about to happen, it's happen-ing. The pitiful descent into confusion will continue before our eyes, as disbelieving onlookers shake their heads. The dollar and eco-structure collapses, the middle east is in flames, and the global takeover is in full swing...yet they sit and watch.

What to do?

Wake the hell up. And tell others. It matters. Get off your butt.


Alte linkuri catre alte articole ce ating subiecte foarte importante ce nu pot fi ignorate deoarece ne privesc pe toti,deoarece TOTI SUNTEM IN ACEEASI BARCA.


2.The Revolution Has Begun In Europe ----> - Un video a protestelor din Spania care au izbucnit in mai 2011,din cauza incompetentei,coruptiei,lacomiei si neglijentei guvernului fata de propriul popor si va asigur ca asa zisa criza economica mondiala nu are nimic de aface cu situatia critica din Spania, cum se spune "Pestele de la cap se strica" adica daca intradevar asa zisele "guverne psihopatice,pardon democratice" ar avea ca interes vietele ,sanatatea si binele propriilor popoare atunci cu siguranza acum avea sa fie cu totul o alta situatie si realitate pe planeta, e doara o observatie logica nu trebue sa fii un expert studios pentru a realiza aceasta,insa situatia poate fi schimbata nu prin viiolenza,agresivitate, e deja deajunsa violenza,teroare provocate de catre elitele ce ne au subjugat,NU,in ordine de a contribui cu ceva la schimbari pe care dorim sa facem pe aceasta planeta este nevoie in primul rind de a ne informa ,DE A AFLA,de a cunoaste de a transmite adevarul mai departe astfel cind vom fi mai multi schimbari vor fi posibile,"Unde-i unu nu-i putere unde-s doi pterea creste",cineva a spus urmatoarele cuv"Guvernul trebue sa se teama de propriul popor deoarece reprezinta interesele intregului popor si nu poporul trebuie sa aiba frica de guvern",guvern care nu este alcatuit mai mult de o adunatura mica de oameni care nu au nici o sansa de a rezista impotriva poporului subjugat,pe spinarea caruia traiesc ca niste adevarati paraziti.Nu sunt un conspirator,sau adept al revolutiilor violente ci un suprter al adevarului obiectiv a realitatii in care traim,OBSERVIND OBIECTIV,INFORMINDUNE SI UNINDUNE VOM PUTEA ADUCE SCHIMBARI PE PLANETA NOSTRA MULT IUBITA ,creind o lume bazata pe dreptate,compasiune ,dreptate,adevar si ajutor reciproc.

WWW.SOTT.NET ---> Afla adevarul obiectiv a realitatii in care existam.

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Alte citeva articole foarte intrigante ce merita de atras atentia deoarece expun adevarata fata a mass mediei,mass media caruia majoriatea oamenilor accepta si cred ce li se spune orbeste crezind cu naivitate deoarece e mass media nu? ,un organ informativ de stat sau privat,cu autoritate si reputatie nu? care publica informatie si informeaza poporul si exista pentru interesul poporului,NU? ,NU,NU,NU,NU,Observind foarte atent ,vei realiza ca mass media reprezinta interesele celora ce au buzunarul gros,si publica si vor publica numai ceea ce li se dicteaza si le si permite,acea informatie ce nu va afecta ,murdari reputatia elitei(corporatii,conglomeratul bancar mondial).Din pacate putini reporteri cinstiti si cu constiinta si bun simt au ramas care in majoritatea cazurilor pentru a expune adevarata fata a guvernelor,organelor de stat sau private corupte ce au la inima numai propriile interese privind la restul omenirii ca la sclavi ce trebuie sa existe pentru a servi acestor psihopati inebuniti de putere,platesc cu propria viata,un adevarat exemplu este cazul unui reporter englez ce a divulgat ca ziarul englez News Of The World detinut de catre magnatul Rupert Murdoch,detinator si a altor organe mass media,o persoana foarte influente in lumea mass mediei detinator de o foarte mare PUTERE si INFLUENTA ascultau telefoanele persoanelor de rind ,mai pe scurt spioanau violind viata privata a oamenilor iar informatia ce era acumulata in urma acestor spionari ilegale era folosita in propriile interese,ziaristul apoi a divulgat ca editorii ziarului stiau despre aceasta si nu luat nici o actiune,din contra au fost complice, plus in urma investigatiilor s-a aflat ca cel mai inalt ofiter de la Scotland Yard era platit pentru a "nu vedea" si de a nu pune intrebari in ceea ce priveste violarea vietelor private a cetatenilor englezi,divulgind propriile investigatii public dupa citeva zile ziaristul pe nume James Corbett a fost gasit mort in apartamentul sau sub nici o circumstanza suspicioasa a confirmat polizia,"cumparata".

Citeva articole ce leaga intreaga istorie:

1. Cine este Rupert Murdoch ???
5. ---> Moartea ziaristului ce a divulgat public despre asculatrea telefoanelor si citirea e-mail-urilor cetatenilor eneglezi de catre ziarul News Of The World a carui editori stiau desre aceasta insa au hotarita sa taca.


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Un Alt articol foarte interesant in lumina cu ceea ce se intimpla la moment in UK.

5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be the Worst in the World
Silver Shield
Lew Rockwell
Sat, 13 Aug 2011 17:28 CDT

I wrote an article called 5 Places Not To Be When The Dollar Collapses. In it I wrote that societies that benefited the most from the dollar would be the worst places to be when it fell apart. While the dollar has not even collapsed yet, the strain in these areas is becoming more apparent. England is number 3 on the list has had 4 days of violent riots as people start to lose it. Israel is number 1 on that list has had massive protests. There is revolution in the air all over the world except in the US.

America is still in deep denial which is still the first stage of the Awakening. This denial will be wiped away when the dollar collapses. For now the economy is still functioning with food and fuel available. Americans still have the illusion of wealth and normalcy. They still are stuck in the false left right paradigm and think some other sock puppet will turn things around.

When the dollar collapses, all American illusions will collapse with it. Deep denial will turn into deep anger. The violence I expect in the other 3 areas on the list and all urban areas in the US, will make all other global riots pale in comparison. America is deeply infused with arrogance, denial, narcissism, drugs and violence. There is no other society that I know of that has the degree of intensity and combination of these factors.

"We're Number 1! We're Number 1!"

1. Arrogance - All of our lives we have been fed the lie that somehow we are better than everyone else. We believe this so much that we feel it is morally acceptable to stick our noses in everyone's business. We have 777+ military bases all over the world. Our currency is the world's reserve currency. We control most international organizations like the UN, IMF and World Bank. We control the world's shipping lanes. Our media is the most popular and sought after propaganda in the world. Our corporations harvest the resources that our empire provides. This has lead to an American way of life that is not negotiable. We print debt and consume. This way of life was only possible by the very real and hard sacrifices made by Americans long dead. America today is nothing more than a spoiled brat blowing through the last of their inheritance. The only thing the US is number 1 in is spreading debt and death.

This American arrogance will be turned on to other Americans as the dollar collapses. We will no longer be able to maintain the global empire of force without a functioning currency. All of our troops will be forced to come home and we will no longer be able to import 25% of the world's oil. This sudden shift will turn arrogant Americans on each other as they seek to enforce their inflated sense of self worth on to others. They will think that somehow the world somehow owes them something and they believe that lesser people should make that sacrifice for them. After all, the American way of life is not negotiable... at least that's what Dick Cheney said.

"Everything is fine today, that is our illusion." ~ Voltaire

2. Denial - For those that aren't arrogant, they are in denial that somehow they are okay because they are good people. They believe that the America will recover and that the American Dream is still alive. They believe this because they either lack the ability to logically see through the lies or they believe that the people ruling them have the same morals as they do. You cannot spread freedom with war. A nation cannot enforce their will on another nation anymore than you can enforce your will upon another. There will always be blow back. Of course that is the plan of your rulers. They do not share the same values as you do. They seek to create chaos and division so that they can garner more power and profits.

"You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality." ~ Ayn Rand

The dollar collapse will end the ability of the average American to deny their active or passive participation in the dominance of the world by spreading debt and death. When people's entire life's savings are wiped away, they will wonder what their life has been all about. All of the missed times with their family and connections with others has been stained by the pursuit of material gains. Only when everything is taken from them, will they start to see the real importance of life. Many will not be able to come to terms with this coming reality. Those that are aware and prepared stand a great chance of making it through this paradigm shift and thrive. (Join the Sons of Liberty Academy.)

3. Narcissism - The amount of narcissism in America is epidemic. The fascination with celebrities and their clothes consumes so many women. Men are addicted to worshiping sports figures. We have this fear of competition and view others as enemies. This leads to shallow and transitory relationships. Americans consume their way into debt as they try to create an outer facade to hide a void in their vapid lives.

The Baby Boomer generation is known as the "Me" generation. Their obsessive pursuit for material possessions was matched by their embrace of debt. The dollar collapse is going to hit the Baby Boomers the hardest as they are forced to come to term with the trail of pain they have left in their wake. Broken families and debt are just the tip of the iceberg. The war and debt machine they enabled and unleashed upon the world is a much harder reality they will have to deal with. The real problem is the sad fact that many of them will be too old to have a second chance on life.

4. Drugs - Millions of Americans turn to drugs to fill the void of true purpose in their lives. Instead of dealing with a past a hurt or seeking a higher purpose in their lives by helping others and using their natural talents to make a better world, people turn to drugs. The worst kind of drugs are the ones that people believe are making them better. The powerful psychotropic drugs like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) or more commonly known as anti-depressants. These drugs are extremely powerful and can cause psychotic breaks that lead to violence. Go to here to see the list of nearly 4,300 cases of crime related to these drugs. These stories include everything from the Virginia Tech shooting to the mom that drowned her 5 kids in the bathtub. I would say that these drugs are much more dangerous than guns, because they cause the people to break from reality and cause the violence.

I don't have time to go into the mass medication of America and the real reason why Marijuana is illegal, but I do want to warn everyone of one thing. Nearly 10% of the country or 27 million Americans are on these drugs. Knowing that there is only a one month supply in the system and the kind of psychotic breaks that will happen if people come off these drugs too fast, this is definitely not a good thing. When the dollar collapses, we not only have to worry about the 7 to 10 day supply of food and fuel in the system, we really need to worry about the 1 in 10 Americans who are not going to be medicated while their world paradigm collapses. I can see it now, humanitarian airlifts dropping Zoloft and Lexapro from the sky...

5. Violence - Violence has been apart of our American culture since the beginning of our country. We have the most armed population and the highest crime rates in the world. The violence we will see in some parts of America could become as bad as the Reign of Terror from the French Revolution. I wrote the 2 Coming American Revolutions. One Revolution will embrace founding fathers vision of Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The other Revolution will be some collectivist vision of coercion and fear. Some parts of this country will confront the new post-dollar paradigm by embracing freedom and honest money. Others will try to hold onto power by becoming more tyrannical and finding enemies within their neighbors.

We are surrounded by violence and have been desensitized anti social behavior. Our movies and video games show the killing of others but rarely the consequences of those actions. Even other anti social behavior has been normalized. I even realized my favorite show of all time Seinfeld was all about normalizing anti social behavior. The series finale was based on a man getting mugged and all 4 main characters not only not helping the man, but actually making fun of the man as he is violently robbed. This lack of empathy is at the root of our problems. So here we now have a society that not only cares only about themselves and their materialistic needs, we also have a society that no longer cares about other's feelings.

The American riots will be the worst the word has seen because of the amount of will be of arrogance, denial, narcissism, drugs and violence in our society. These factors are systemic and infect every level of society. I do fear that our nation is sick enough to unleash a series of false flag events to spread our violence even further. This violent Anger phase in the 5 Stages of the Awakening will not last long and not happen in every part of America. There will be a few months of violence that will shake the faith in mankind. Those that live by the sword, will die by the sword. After the most violent are either killed, brought to justice or burnt out, we will enter in a societal depression as we try to come to terms with what has happened. This period could last for years as we struggle with the loss of wealth and life.

I am hopeful that this collapse will actually be the beginning of something really great for mankind. A new paradigm not based on debt and death is a very real outcome of this collapse. With the collapse of the dollar, those that were lured into a senseless narcissistic consumer lifestyle will be forced to come to the understanding that instant gratification is not why we are put on this earth. Those that were ill prepared for the collapse will start to ask questions, then they will seek answers, then they will want blood. The Elite that created, perpetuated and profited off of this paradigm will be running for cover as the world wakes up to what they have done. It will be nice to have consumerism, militarism and narcissism flushed away.

This collapse will not result in a One World Order. The Elite that are trying desperately make this happen will no longer be able to operate in secrecy. Their minions will lack any legitimacy with the people they rule. After all who is going to trust a President who says he did not see this coming when you and I can see it coming from miles away. The result after a very violent Anger phase is going to be massive decentralization of power not more centralization of power. Local communities, cities counties and states will assert more power over the daily activities of our lives. Some will will slip into tyranny to make order out of chaos. Others will attract the best and brightest by embracing freedom and honest money. The end result is a life where we can reach our highest and best self. How we get there is a rough road, but one I feel is easily traveled if you are aware and prepared.

Wake Some People Up!


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Șii cu provocația asta?

Dacă cineva chiar o să fie de acord cu asta...ap fail.


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NU E NICI O PROVOCATIE,e doar o observatie a ceea ce urmeaza sa se intimple posibil in viitorul apropiat,apoi e mai sigur de a STI ce ne asteapta decit de a merge inainte orbi,CUNOSTINTELE PROTEJEAZA,IGNORANTA PUNE IN PERICOL.

UN alt articol ,despre ceea ce se intimpla acum in UK:

,anarhie de 3-4 zile deja,nu spun ca sustin sau sunt de acord insa cu siguranza acesti oameni au fost provocati,provocati de incompetenza,agresivitatea,coruptia,si lipsa de constiinta a guvernelor mondiale,daca de observat putin a ce se intimpla in jur ,cum opereaza guvernele ,"Ooameni" la putere care fiind intoxicati de atita putere ce detin nu recunosc propria incompetenza sau mai bine zis degradare si lipsa de constiinta ci ne acuza pe noi restul ca vina ne apartine nou si ei nu au nici o vina ca suntem prea multi deja pe aceasta planeta si degradam NOI in niste oameni salbatici incercind sa ne convinga astfel ca e nevoie de o mina de fier pentru a mentine control in aceste timpuri instabile,apropo acest scenariu a avut loc pe timpul partidului fascist,reusind sa obtina majoritarea voturilor manipulind durerea si suferinza oamenilor pe acele timpuri,care nimeni nu i-au luat in serios pina insa nu a fost prea tirziu,dupa urcarea la putere stabilind un guvern tiranic fara nici un pic de constiinza.
De asta e nevoie de a observa si de a nu trai in ignoranza pentru a reusi a intelege in ce jocuri diavolesti joaca ei cu noi,cum am mai spus daca cunosti ,esti protejat deoarece stii ce te poate astepta in anticip ignoraza insa te potate distruge.NU PROVOC PE NIMENI SI ACESTE ARTICOLE MENTIONATE MAI SUS EU NU LE CONSIDER O PROVOCATIE CI OBSERVATII OBIECTIVE A CEEA CE SE INTIMPLA LA MOMENTUL ACTUAL in realitatea noastra.

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#4 3soul, "... NU E NICI O PROVOCATIE,e doar o observatie a ceea ce urmeaza sa se intimple posibil in viitorul apropiat,apoi e mai sigur de a STI ce ne asteapta decit de a merge inainte orbi,CUNOSTINTELE PROTEJEAZA,IGNORANTA PUNE IN PERICOL. ..." - Give me a break. Cine a vrut sa stie - a stiut de ceva timp.
Cine nu - o sa se lase condus de asa tip de articole...

Cva de genu "hai nu stati acasa, iesiti afara si incepeti revolutia, nu va lasati condusi, etc"

Chiar crezi ca cei care stau in varful piramidei de mii de ani sunt intr-atat de idioti incat sa nu vada prin asa lucruri?

You simpletons, viata chiar e usoara pentru voi, nu?


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Cine nu - o sa se lase condus de asa tip de articole...

Cva de genu "hai nu stati acasa, iesiti afara si incepeti revolutia, nu va lasati condusi, etc"

Chiar crezi ca cei care stau in varful piramidei de mii de ani sunt intr-atat de idioti incat sa nu vada prin asa lucruri?

You simpletons, viata chiar e usoara pentru voi, nu?


Uite,sincer fara de a te acuza insa am impresia de parca prin comentariul tau,ma consideri de un naiv care nu stie despre ce vorbeste,in primul rind eu am scris mai sus ca nu provoc pe nimeni,si mi se pare ca nu am dat impresia de a iesi in strazi si de a porni o revolutie ci cum am scris si mai sus,chem pe cei ce cu  adevarat simt ca societatea in care traim,guvernul ce ne conduce ceva nu-i in ordine de a observa ,de a se informa cit mai obiectiv posibil pentru a putea vedea adevarata fata a celor ce ne conduc si atunci cind vor deschide ochii deajunsi oameni schimbari vor avea loc din punct de vedere natural si stii de ce pentru noi sintem mul,mult,mult,mult mai multi decit ei iar ei sunt foarte putini si credema ca ei stiu asta si cit de pregatiti nu ar fi cu experienza de manipulare a populatiei pe plan global corect cum ai spus si tu mai sus de mii de ani,credema ca nu sint atit de neatins,invincibili in univers exista echilibru cind axa balanzei se inclina prea,prea mult in favorea egoismului,coruptiei,invidiei,urei,fricii s.a. mai devreme sau mai tirziu se ajunge intr-un punct critic unde e nevoie de a echilibra situatia ,apoi ciclul continua din nou cind e prea mult bine roata se intoarce,universul e in echilibru si se echilibreaza singur pe el ,e o lege naturala care nu poate fi trecuta prin trucuri de nici o forza,acum noi ne aflam in acel punct critic de unde nu vom fi ajutati de altii si nici nu e nevoie de a astepta ajutor din partea altora noi ne aven pe noi insine si anume durerea,suferinza,teroarea, ne uneste pe toti si ne va ajuta de a ne elibera atunci cind fa fi momentul potrivit de catre asa zisa elita,cind va fi acel moment?atunci cind vom incepe a deschide ochii si a vedea in ce realiate traim,traim ca niste masini,sclavi moderni,in rutina,lucru,casa,familie,studii,vacanze si nimic mai mult nu ne intereseaza,nu ne intereseaza ce fac cei de la conducere nu ne gindim ca intr-o zi putem sa ne trezim cu un stat armat,dictatorial drept exemplu un film foarte reusit: V for Vendetta ,unde pur si simplu vei trai pentru a te hrani,a avea o casa si lasindu-te condus prin frica si teroare de un guvern,o mina de oameni lipsiti de constiinza,psihopati care au o sete innebunita dupa putere,cu un egou cit muntele Everest care nu au absolut nici un sentiment pentru nimeni inafara de ei insusi,sub conducerea a astfel de masini dar nu oameni lumea mai devreme sau mai tirziu se va autodistrugere deoarce ei inafara de a distruge nu stiu altceva,cum va fi distrusa societatea nostra?prin razboie si dividere,intorcindu-ne unul imptriva altuia omorindu-ne unul pe altul,divide si acapara.

De aceea Valaches,eu scriu acest comentariul pentru ca cei ce simt ce simt si eu pentru a se informa,a observa si a transmite stafeta mai departe deoarece daca vom sta pur si simplu si ne vor ride unul de altul,spre exemplu ce sanse avem noi impotriva lor,ei conducindu-ne de mii de ani ?cum am mai spus ei sunt foarte putini si nu sunt atotputernici,noi suntem foarte multi ne uneste durerea si suferinza iar cind vom deschide ochii mai multi vom ajuta de a deschide ochii si altora si atunci se poate de spus ca vor fi posibile ceva schimbari,insa pentru asta e nevoie in primul rind de a te informa DAR NU DE A IESI IN STRADA ,deoarece nu vei rezolva nimic vei sfirsi ca Guy Fawkes incercind sa explodeze parlamentul marei britanii,fiind capturat si executat,a iesuat pentru ca erau putini si pentru ca nu a luat drumul potrivit spre o adevarata revolutie,acel drum corect este de a ne trezi in primul rind cit mai multi posibil si atunci odata furtuna declansata nu va mai putea fi oprita de nimeni deoarece drept combustil va fi unirea noastra,toti pentru unul si unul pentru toti si dureare,sclavizmul care-l purtam in spate de mii de ani,da suntem diversi,si e greu de crezut ca ne vom uni pentru cauza comuna,insa in timpuri schimbatoare,si foarte instabile e foarte uimitor cum oamenii se pot uni si gasi limba comuna.

De aceea CUNOSTINTELE PROTEJEAZA,IGNORANZA NE PUNE IN PERICOL,nu rog pe nimeni,nu provoc pe nimeni,si nu vreau sa influentez pe nimeni aceste cuv le scriu doar pentru cei ce au interes propriu de cunoasti si citi mesajul ce incerc sa-l trasmit eu si mesajul meu e acela de a ne informa,de a observa,de a nu fi indiferenzi a ce se intimpla in lume, Einstein spunea nu-mi aduc aminte bine cuv sale care le citisem,apropo nu ma dau cu aere de parca cunosc lucrarile lui Einstein,doar am atras atenzie la o fraza de a sa ce contine cu adevara un mesaj foarte puternic si obiectiv,"Ca raul sa invinga in lumea asta e nevoie doar ca omul bun sa nu faca nimic"

Nu stiu daca ati auzit despre mica revolutie scatenata in UK saptaminele acestea din cauza poliziei omorind cu singe rece o persoana neinarmata iar apoi incercind sa dea vina pe victima ca a incercat sa impuste primul in ei astfel polizia a deschis focul in aparare,faptul e ca organe de stat in ultimul timp peste tot in lume abusa de propria putere la maximum si pot face orice ce le trece prin cap fara de a fi trasi la raspundere si acest fapt e ceva foarte periculos si ne pune pe ginduri oare miine si la noi daca la vreun polizist nu ia placut cum ma uit la el nu ma va prinde la bastonate fara nici un motiv numai pentru ami demonstra ca el poate si nimeni nu-l poate opri? Desigur astfel de cazuri nu sint trecute atit de usor cu vederea sunt trasi la raspundere si dati afara insa asta din pacate in ultemul timp se intimpla foarte rar si daca vor continua astfel lucrurile si mai departe situaza se va inrautati foarte considerabil,articole despre rascoala scatenatu dupa ce a fost executat un tinar de 27-28 de ani cetatean londonez de cate polizie, poate fi citit aici:

UN video clip de pe youtube relatind o istorie ce avut loc in 2005,un tinar electrician londonez fiind impuscat fara preintimpinare cu pretextul ca era un posibil terorist,pretext absolut fals,acest video si articolulde mai sus nu demonstreaza altceva decit ca polizia nu numai in UK ci peste tot in lume abuza cu strasniciew de propria putere si ceea ce s-a intimplat cu acesti oameni nevinovati se poate intimpla si cu noi cindva daca vom trece cu vederea si nu ne vom informa stiind astfel cu cine avem de aface cum Einstein a spus "Ca raul sa cistige e nevoie ca oamenii buni sa nu faca nimic". -recomand sa vizionati

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Compania livreaza din SUA 5-11 zile(fara comision)

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