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StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival.

Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II will present a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard will again offer unparalleled online play through, the company's world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game.


Jocul cu tot cu crack:
Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [ENG] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [RUS] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Site-ul official:


Игру и крэк можно найти тут:
Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [ENG] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [RUS] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Официальный сайт:

WoL Trailer
HotS Trailer
LotV Trailer

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Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 21

1) Do you have any plan to put the auto-casting ability into StarCraft II units, just like in Warcraft III?

At the moment, Medics are the only units that we have deemed fit to have an auto-cast ability. StarCraft II, compared to Warcraft III, has fewer abilities but are much more potent when executed properly, thus making them manual cast will give players a huge opportunity to demonstrate much skill in the game.

2) Would you make it possible for players on observing mode to check various information including a mini map, upgrading status, and resource status on a personal window? If not, would you consider developing this function?

These are all great ideas and we will work to get these in for observing mode. We will be working hard to have the observing mode innovative and comprehensive, building upon all the features that were in our previous RTS titles, as well as other titles in the market.

3) Will the story of StarCraft II be continued right from where the original StarCraft story ended? Or, will it begin at the moment after some amount of time passed since the last time of the original StarCraft?

The StarCraft II storyline will continue 4 years after the events of Brood War.

4) It is not possible to watch how a mouse was moved in a saved replay game. Could you make this possible to see the movement of mouse?

We would also like the mouse to be viewable in saved replays, however, it may be more likely that we’ll have the options to show both the view of the players playing as well as selection icons of the units being currently selected in the replay.

5) When grouping units to a control group, how many units could be added to one group?

Currently, players are able to select more than 150 units in a single control group. The final actual number will be determined by hardware performance tests on the game, but should still be close to that number.

6) Players often tend to stack up workers and air units looking as one group in original StarCraft. Will this still be possible in StarCraft II?

In StarCraft II, this is harder to do than in the original StarCraft, but still possible. Units tend to group together more and more with each manual attack order. As long as you keep giving that manual attack order upon a target certain attacking units of the same type will group closer together. When the unit attacked upon is destroyed or the units become idle, they will naturally spread out again.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 22

1) Will you finally be able to mix and match terrain types instead of being stuck on jungle, twilight, etc?

Yes terrain texture is mixable now. Also tilesets are also mixable.
Essentially, you can define your own tileset in the editor, something that wasnt really supported even in Warcraft III.

2) Will the new StarCraft II Map Editor support text coloring, unit coloring, player “12″ (i.e. neutral player) units?

Yes, all of these features will be supported.

3) Will maps be larger than 256×256?

The maximum map size will still be 256×256, and we have no plans to increase that.

4) Will the new map editor support locking maps? People hate losing credit for a map.

Yes, we are planning to support this feature. We hope that this feature will give the modding community more incentive to create their own original maps.

5) Will the new map editor support “square” terrain building as well?

Yes. In the editor, users can adjust the footprint of buildings to whatever shape and size they like.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 23

1)Will the Campaign have as many videos as the original Starcraft?

There will be several more in-game cutscenes, which are at a much higher quality than the original StarCraft pre-rendered movies. And while StarCraft II's single player will likely feature a few less pre-rendered movies, they will be much longer and more epic than anything seen in the original StarCraft.

2)Is the ghost unit going to be able to use the EMP Shockwave and -within short time interval- the Nuclear Strike as well?

Currently, there is no restriction to when you can follow up a special ability with another, as long as there are available energy points.

3)Will the Ghost's EMP affect building shields and energy?

Yes, the Ghosts EMP ability currently affects both building and unit shields, as well as casters energy. It is important to note that there is a possibility the Ghost may lose its EMP ability due to balance.

3)Will there be some sort of wall structure in StarCraft, for any of the races?

Aside from building current structures close to each other to form walls, such as a line of Terran Supply Depots, no, there will not be walls that can be built. On the other hand, there will be some new wall structures in the single player mode and these doodads can also be accessed in the map editor.

4)Will the game feature a mechanic similar to Warcraft 3 where if a selection of units contains more than one unit type then the whole selection will move at the speed of the slowest unit to maintain cohesion?

No, units in the same selection will not move at the same speeds. The slower units will need to be micromanaged by the players to keep up with the larger group.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 24

1) Will there be a way for fan sites to parse replays uploaded to their website so they can pull information such as race, player names, map, etc.?

Exact details have not been finalized, but we do plan to create a much more robust way of being able to search and share replays in game.

2) The Soul Hunter was considered a good counter unit against the Zerg; why did you remove the Soul Hunter from StarCraft II?

There were a couple of reasons, but one of the more important ones is that it was difficult to make it easily readable in big battles when the Soul Hunter had upgraded. Another reason is that this unit was way too targeted against the Zerg, since they have so many low hit point units, as opposed to other factions.

3) Has the Merc Haven been removed since the Reaper is built from the Barracks? If so, whats replacing it (if anything)?

The Merc Haven has been brought back in for the current build. It currently needs a Factory as a prerequisite, and is a prerequisite building to build Reapers from the Barracks.

4) Will “Unlockable Content” be included with the game, such as Art Packs, Secret Maps and Missions, Extra Units, and Special Sounds and Movies?

We are exploring the possibility of having various types of art unlockables, which may include some in-game decals.

5) Is it possible to build Phase Cannons, turn them into energy and then move them across the map to your opponents base or an expansion, redeploying them using a Phase Prism?

Yes, this tactic will be possible.

6) How does a Zerg Overlord fly?

To fly, the Zerg Overlord uses gas sacs (filled with helium) combined with a weak telekinetic psi-ability for lift and motive power.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 25

1) Does the Nomad have all the abilities an SCV has? (Of course it has its own abilities, but it would be interesting to know if you can at least temporarily replace lost SCVs with Nomads in a game.)

No, Nomads will not have the abilities of a SCV. The buildings a Nomad will be able to build, will be unique to the Nomad unit. And you cant gather resources with a Nomad.

2)How will damage against Protoss Shields be calculated with the new damage bonus system?
Protoss shields will take up the characteristics of their normal armor type. For example, if a Protoss Zealot with light armor gets shot by a Terran Ghost with plus light armor damage, the Zealots shields will also take that light armor bonus damage. On the same note, if a Protoss Colossus were to be hit by a Protoss Stalker with bonus damage towards armored unit, the shields would also take that additional damage.

3)Artwork and rumors about SCII have shown Terran cities like Augustgrad. Will Starcraft 2 contain building doodads as seen in the original artwork (ie. skyscapers, homes, etc)?

Yes, many of the original iconic doodads will be recreated for StarCraft II.

4)Can the shadow ops contain "one nuke and one drop pod" or "any 2 of nukes and drop pods"?

Currently, the Shadow Ops can contain both a nuke and a drop pod at the same time, but will not be able to contain two of one type within a single Shadow Ops building. Drop pods can be loaded with 12 infantry units of the players choosing. On certain maps, a fast expanding SCV drop pod strategy may prove highly effective.

5)Will the native resolution of Starcraft 2 be widescreen or 4:3?

The plan is to have both of those resolutions supported, along with everything between 5:4 and 16:9. Larger screens will have slightly more viewable range than a smaller screen, but from our tests, the differences will be very minor.

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Translated information Xordiah gave at the ESL Finals (9.-10. January 2009)

- Blizzard has a fixed Date for the Beta, still secret though.

- Multiplayer is nearly complete except a few details.

- There will be more opportunities to get beta keys (i.e. Contests, perhaps story-contest or something like that)

- The Blizzard internal SC2 build contains Dark Pylons, which have an ability that can speed up the Probes harvesting when triggered, has cooldown.

- The Command Center also has a cooldown that enables it to summon/drop pod a bigger SCV which collects resources faster.

- Supply depots can be upgraded to give "plus" 2 supply.

- Mentioned: that immortals seem to be extremely strong in the actual build.

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31 mai posibila dată de lansare...

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Conform, în conferinţa dedicată câştigurilor pentru cel de-al patrulea trimestru fiscal 2008, Paul Sams, COO Blizzard, a dezvăluit că, în câteva luni, vom beneficia de un beta StarCraft 2.

În plus, compania lucrează la conţinut nou pentru World of Warcraft, precum şi la misteriosul MMO nou, despre care "nu se poate comenta încă."

The future's bright! The future's Blizzard!

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Blizzard a anunţat BlizzCon 2009 , evenimentul dedicat fanilor WarCraft, StarCraft şi Diablo din toată lumea. Acesta va avea loc în perioada 21-22 august la Anaheim Convention Center din Anaheim, California.

"Am fost uimiţi de răspunsul incredibil pe care l-am primit [din partea comunităţii - n.a.] la evenimentele anterioare", a declarat Mike Morhaime, co-fondator şi CEO Blizzard. Ca răspuns, BlizzCon 2009 va dispune de un spaţiu de desfăşurare mai mare comparativ cu anul trecut.

Evenimentul va găzdui discuţii cu angajaţii Blizzard, acces la titlurile în dezvoltare, turnee şi concursuri pentru toată lumea, precum şi o licitaţie despre care compania nu a dat prea multe detalii.

Deci avem data de lansare : După 22 august 2009.

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#55 TermikMDA, "... După ..." - mai bine ar fi Pina la 22... :D

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#56 Lymos, "... Pina la 22 ..." - beta.

Poate aflăm încă şi numele la proiectul secret MMO.
World of Starcraft? :look:

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#57 TermikMDA, "... Poate aflăm încă şi numele la proiectul secret MMO. ..." - yeah..

Игромания wrote:

Похоже, Diablo 3 и StarCraft 2 – далеко не единственные проекты Blizzard. На официальных форумах World of Warcraft появилось сообщение о том, что ведущий продюсер игры Джеффри Каплан покидает команду, чтобы в составе другого подразделения Blizzard начать работу над новой онлайновой игрой.

Что это за проект – пока остается только гадать. Однако слухи о Diablo Online или StarCraft Online вполне могут оказаться правдой.


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#57 TermikMDA, Nu, n-are să fie.. s-a vorbit deja despre această posibilitate, şi s-a ajuns la concluzia că SC nu e potrivită ca MMO.

#58 Lymos, Demult se ştie despre proiectul MMO X. Cel puţin nu e legat de nici o joacă existentă.

Într-adevăr se lucrează şi la WC 4.. doar că e sketch, şi până la detalii ceva mai concrete, mai este timp.

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cineva a spus ca este DEmo joaca??? dar unde se poate de scos??

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#60 NoctisCaelum, unde ai văzut aşa ceva? Nu-i.

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Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 26

1) Do Protoss warriors actually die? What is the blue flash when they die?

In the chaos of the battlefield, Protoss warriors fight with tremendous power and grace, but even so, they can be mortally wounded. Then the Protoss’ foes often bear witness to a startling sight: the injured Protoss disappears in a bright flash of light. Such a vision has caused primitive races to quail in superstitious fear, and yet it has no supernatural cause. On the contrary, it is merely the result of teleportation, which is one of the chief strengths of Protoss technology. Protoss warriors typically have teleport mechanisms built into their armor. If the warrior is sufficiently injured, a properly functioning mechanism will automatically teleport the body to the nearest safe haven.

A Protoss warrior who is badly injured but still living may be placed in a dragoon–or latterly an immortal–shell to continue to fight. This is the choice of the individual warrior. Some warriors elect to shoulder the burden of remaining among the living instead of joining the sum of Protoss lives embodied in the Khala. It is worthy of note that the lives of individual Protoss that have passed into the Khala are no longer coherent entities, and the Protoss cannot speak with their dead per se. However, there are memories and strands of experience that can be accessed. Only the most skilled Protoss preservers can locate and follow specific desired strands of knowledge. The tremendous value of preservers comes from the fact that they carry within themselves and can access the sum total of Protoss experience at an individual level.

2) Will there be more ways to give energy(mana) to a caster?

Protoss casters will have an ability to transfer energy from one caster to another. This ability will allow for a lot of micromanagement opportunities to maximize the amount of energy to a single caster, for the maximum number of special abilities casted.

3) On what kind of energy are based Protoss shields? If they are based on PSI energy, how can be possible for a Terran EMP attack to drain their energy?

Protoss energy sources are highly esoteric because their starting point was the Protoss’ use of their own psionic powers to protect themselves; to charge their tools and weapons; and to make, manipulate, or meld matter. Over time technological advances have enabled the Protoss to mimic these psionic processes to the extent that the Protoss can now construct inorganic devices to tap into the same universal processes to power shields, drives, weapons, and robots. Thus, for example, the energy field projected by a pylon that powers Protoss structures cannot truly be called psionic in nature, just as the shields protecting a zealot are not purely technological constructs. Rather, the two processes are so closely interlinked that they are almost the same. As a result, Protoss power sources and particularly their shields are vulnerable to disruption by technological means such as EMP weapons. Similarly such power sources can be restored or recharged from artificially stored energy.

4) Are you planning to make another statue, for example, statue of Kerrigan?

We are planning to fully explore the high end collectibles realm with plenty of StarCraft II merchandise, and yes, there are projects already in the works.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 27

1) How will the map pool for the ladder be handled? Only maps made by Blizzard or will there be opportunities for mapmakers to contribute?If so, how will new maps be selected/balanced and how often are you planning on updating the map pool?

The map pool for competitive play will only be Blizzard maps or Blizzard-approved maps. We are always excited to see new maps from the community and when we see new cool maps we will definitely include them in the pool. I have no idea how often this will happen. It really depends on the map makers and our schedule. We also have some really cool plans for mod support for for StarCraft II, which we will be rolling out to the community soon. We have all watched with great enthusiasm the impact that mod makers have had upon our previous games, especially Warcraft III, and we really want to continue to support and encourage this community.

2) Will each of the 9 different matchups play in a unique fashion with less viable strategies overall, or is the game looking to ensure that every unit has a useful role against every race?

Terran in StarCraft 1 had a very interesting dynamic in that the optimal strategy combating a Zerg would require large amounts of infantry and science vessels, whereas Protoss would require a large amount of factory units, leading to more diverse gameplay between the two matchups. This dynamic existed in mirror matchups as well - Goliaths, Battlecruisers and Wraiths were very useful in Terran vs Terran, but are rarely seen versus Protoss and Zerg (with the exception of Goliath vs Carrier).

Protoss and Zerg also had this trait - Protoss would often need large amounts of Corsairs, Zealots, and Archons to combat Zerg and a large amount of Dragoons, Arbiters, and Carriers to combat Terran, skipping zealots entirely until the speed upgrade is done. Zergs would frequently use Hydralisks versus Protoss, but would always immediately morph them to Lurkers vs Terran until Plague was researched.

For some people this was viewed as a positive aspect of SC, others are frequently disappointed that Terran cannot realistically integrate marines into their strategy vs Protoss and so forth. What style of gameplay is StarCraft II looking to attain - will each of the 9 different matchups play in a unique fashion with less viable strategies overall, or is the game looking to ensure that every unit has a useful role against every race?

So far StarCraft II plays similar to the original StarCraft in that different matchups require a different unit mix. On the design team we enjoy this type of gameplay and prefer to have players use different strategies and different units against different races. Our goal is that every unit will have some use against each race, but that players will tend to prefer certain units against certain races. We are going to strive to make sure that no unit is completely worthless against any one race but there will definitely be better and worse choices depending on the enemy race, strategy, the map, and your start position on the map.

3) How much effort are you putting into making lower tech units viable higher up in the tech tree?
In StarCraft 1 the basic tier 1 units were balanced against higher tech units almost equally by their unique role within each race as they were by unique unit upgrades and a greater benefit from the standard upgrades. How much effort are you putting into making lower tech units viable higher up in the tech tree in ways other than upgrades that just makes them a "better unit" such as hit points and damage? (This question is brought up because of the Terran Marine +HP upgrade which IMHO is really cheap)

We are putting a huge amount of effort into making sure that the tier 1 units are useful throughout the game. We are also putting a large amount of effort into trying to get as much mileage as we can out of each of our upgrades so that upgrades really change how you can use a unit (but without fundamentally altering its role). The Marine is an example of a work-in-progress unit. We think the shield looks cool, but we are still working on how it will affect gameplay. Actually, in current builds Marines+Medics+Stim are so powerful that the shield is not that necessary in a lot of matchups.

4) Are there any plans to allow special terrain that acts as spells?
Some new maps used in the pro scene for StarCraft have started to include permanent spells like "Dark Swarm" and "Disruption Web" as a part of terrain. Are there any plans to allow this as a kind of special terrain by default or allow map makers to add it as a special attribute to some sections of the terrain? Examples would be areas with decreased movement for some or all units like shallow water, terrain making units immune to missile fire like dark swarm or terrain making the units unable to fire like web.
If you plan to include it will it be usable on melee maps or UMS only?

Our data editor allows the creation of this type of terrain. You could easily put this type of terrain on melee maps. We have not finalized our feature set for terrain yet so I dont know what will make the final cut for the default Blizzard maps.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 28

1) I noticed the Stalker “Blink” ability looked as though it was on a cooldown (similar to many abilities in World of Warcraft). This seems appropriate for some abilities, but is this restricted to the Stalker or will other units have abilities on cooldowns rather than energy?

Currently, the Protoss Stalkers Blink ability is on a 15 second cooldown and is one of the only abilities that do not require energy. One of the reasons this was done for the Stalkers Blink, was to make sure that players wouldnt have the problem of having only part of their Stalker army blink up on a hill with some left behind. The Protoss Phoenix also carries an Overload ability, which is based on a cooldown timer rather than energy. Whether the Stalker or the Phoenix will use energy or not, will be mostly determined through much more balance testing.

2) The Thor now is anti-aircraft unit, but will it continue to have surface-to-surface attacks?

In the current build, the Thors role has been changed to exclusively hit ground units, putting the transforming Viking back in the primary role as an air to air fighter. The Terran Viking is also now built from the Factory rather than the Starport.

3) In the original SC, powers like Irradiate and Psionic Storm affected cloaked units and killed them even if you couldn’t see them. Will the Phoenix’s Overload ability target cloaked units as well?

Yes, the Phoenixs Overload ability does affect cloaked units, such as Terran Banshees. The Devs are all for these types of soft counters.

4) Does energy regenerate at about the same speed as in normal SC? Since the game goes faster, has that been speed up too?

Energy regenerates at the same speed as the original StarCraft. At the fastest game speed, both StarCraft II and the original should feel the same in terms of speed.

5) Now that the Force Field ability has been moved to the Nullifier, what other abilities does the Templar have? Does he still have Hallucination?

The Hallucination ability has been cut from the High Templar. Instead, it will have an Anti-Gravity ability in addition to its classic Psi Storm ability. This ability will allow a High Templar to lift up buildings and units in the air, disabling their movement and attack, while also making them an air target. This ability can be cast on Supply Depots blocking choke points, as well as incoming Thors, or other threatening units. This has been the first ability the Devs have been comfortable with, in giving players a real choice to be made, to use Psi Storm or the Anti-Gravity ability. This ability is still being balanced, in terms of the duration units and buildings will stay in the air, energy cost, and if it will be a channeling spell (which means the High Templar will be unable to move or cast other abilities while casting the Anti-Gravity ability).

6) Will there be an icon on the left hand side of the screen to alert the player of idle workers?

Yes, we currently have the ability to select idle workers built into the UI.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 29

1) Do the Terrans currently have a purely dedicated anti-air unit filling the role of the Wraith and Goliath?

No, the Terran Viking is currently their primary anti-air unit, which is built from the Factory. The Viking can currently shoot both ground and air when in ground mode, and is able to transform into an air to air fighter, for better mobility and economy raids.

2) Do the Auto Turrets built by the Nomad attack randomly like the bunkers in the original StarCraft or will the player be able to choose the target similar to the Missile Tower?

Auto Turrets can be controlled by the player as if it were a stationary unit. You can both group them and focus fire with them. When they are not given an order, they will fire at the nearest enemy within range.

The Nomads second construction option, which is the Mine Drone, will not be able to be controlled by the player as easily. The Mine Drone is a stationary defense structure, which places four mines around it, and then immediately cloaks both the mines and the structure. Similar to the Spider Mines from the original StarCraft, these mines will wreck havoc on an incoming army without the ability to see cloaked units. The mines does a base damage of 50 plus an additional 50 damage to armored units. On top of that, the Mine Drone replaces the mines after they detonate, temporarily revealing the Mine Drone structure. Similar to the Auto Turret, both of these structures will cost energy to build from the Nomad, and will have a very minimum setup time.

3) With the Reaver removed, and his siege role moved to the Warp Ray, what will take his splash role?

The Protoss Colossus now has a linear splash damage beam attack, which blazes enemies in a horizontal area of effect, from where the Colossus is facing. Like all area of effect attacks, the Colossuss beam is excellent at annihilating close groups of M&Ms (Marines and Medics) and mass Zealots.

4) With water featured on some of your maps, will this allow modders to try new game ideas that may make use of water?

This should be possible, though much of this experimentation will have to be left up to the modders. I am sure there will be amazing mod creations the community will come up with.

5) What is the status of StarCraft IIs AI?

StarCraft IIs AI (artificial intelligence) is definitely superior to Brood War in many ways, though most notably, the AI does a great deal more of scouting, and makes decisions according to what it has found during those scouting missions. Unsuccessful scouting missions, similar to what a player might experience would tend to lead towards a more standard type of army build or continued scouting.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 30

1) Will it be possible to code the game so map makers can make maps where people can stop incoming spell/missile?

This should be possible through customized ability data and/or triggers.

2) Will we have selectable male/female of every unit?

No, we don’t have plans to include male and female versions of each unit.

3) Will we have the option to give players the option to change weapons in-game?

While we don’t have any plans for a specialized interface for this, it would be possible using the highly flexible ability system.

4) Will you guys link multiplayer maps, so mapmakers can make multiplayer campaigns?

Yes, we do plan to support multiplayer campaigns and linked maps.

5) Will all buildings stand alone and also can we have the ability to disable tech trees?

The tech tree will be fully configurable through customized data and/or triggers.

6) Will research or firing a skill in a certain location be part of the tech tree enabling, for example Stim Packs could be researched to enable a Factory?

Yes, the tech tree and upgrade system will be fully configurable from the editor.

7) Will it be possible for AI to be commanded to research a skill, perform an upgrade, build a building at a location, build a unit at a location, retreat from a location?

Yes, there will be extensive AI scripting support.

8) Will mapmakers have the ability to set weather that can change the terrain and interrupt gameplay for players? Is this for anywhere or in a specific location?

Weather effect technology has not yet been finalized. However, even if weather effects do not affect gameplay normally, it would be possible to drive both the desired weather effects and associated gameplay effects through triggers.

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#63 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2009-03-27 14:08:15 (638 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top

Averatec-Intel Classic Season 3

GomTV Player

Ligă de Starcraft care se va desfăşura timp de 20 de săptămîni, începînd cu data de 29/03/2009. Puteţi viziona în fiecare duminică de la ora 11:00 , folosind GomTV player, şi accesînd link-ul VIEW LIVE care va apărea cu vreo 5-10 minute înainte de startul partidelor.

Enjoy some GOSU play :)

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#64 by Kerrigan (Knight of TMD) (0 mesaje) at 2009-03-27 15:59:47 (638 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Curând FanClub Moldova :-) deja ne-am săturat..

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#65 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2009-03-29 23:16:19 (638 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
The StarCraft 2 Beta Starts 31 March, 6pm PDT?

pute a fake, da cine ştie))

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#66 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2009-04-17 12:59:03 (635 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top

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#67 by Lymos (User) (0 mesaje) at 2009-04-19 12:48:13 (635 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#66 TermikMDA, cool... la inceput credeam ca terranu nu mai are shanse dar la sfirshit lucrurile s-au schimbat :D

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#68 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-21 11:05:47 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Blizzard Prepares Gaming Media For StarCraft II Beta

Blizzard Aims for 2009 StarCraft 2 Release

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#69 by ElMoldovano Velo ClubDesignerCel mai bun bucătar (Photoshop Master) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-21 15:29:08 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#68 TermikMDA, да неужели? :hmm:

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#70 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-21 19:02:41 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#69 ElMoldovano, yeap)

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#71 by BadBoy11 (>>>FeeL ThE MusiC|Young Money Property<<<) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-21 23:43:18 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top !!!!!!!! УЖЕ ЕСТЬ ИГРА!

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#72 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-21 23:45:23 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#71 BadBoy11, asta îi pre-order))

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#73 by ElMoldovano Velo ClubDesignerCel mai bun bucătar (Photoshop Master) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-22 00:05:36 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#72 TermikMDA, +1


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#74 by Kerrigan (Knight of TMD) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-23 16:26:26 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Anunț! Foarte curând va fi lansat primul fanclub în limba română dedicat StarCraft 2.

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#75 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2009-06-23 17:22:52 (626 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#74 slavic911, O?o

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