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StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival.

Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II will present a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard will again offer unparalleled online play through, the company's world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game.


Jocul cu tot cu crack:
Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [ENG] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [RUS] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Site-ul official:


Игру и крэк можно найти тут:
Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [ENG] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty Beta [RUS] [2010] [Real-Time Strategy(RTS)]

Официальный сайт:

WoL Trailer
HotS Trailer
LotV Trailer

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#25 Erick, Deja despre începutul lui 2009 se vorbește.

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#27 by Skylyne (Power User) (0 mesaje) at 2008-08-13 16:49:39 (665 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
SC2 va apare pe 3 decembrie

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#28 by dentist Donor (român) (0 mesaje) at 2008-08-13 17:24:48 (665 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#27 Skylyne, el tot apare

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#27 Skylyne, cei de la Blizzard au anunţat şi au accentuat că jocul nu va fi lansat în 2008.

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#30 by Antic (User) (0 mesaje) at 2008-08-16 22:41:58 (665 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Astept StarCraft 2.
Sper sa nu ne dezamageasca. :ae:

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Новые скриншоты StarСraft II

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#31 BuXPb, cui ii trebuie Screen-uri...joaca dati-o nu screen-uri :(

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#33 by BuXPb (NextGen WaRRior) (0 mesaje) at 2008-08-21 17:23:48 (664 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#32 dentist, "... cui ii trebuie Screen-uri ..." - Ну если тебе не интересно знать о подробностях игры и видеть скрины до выхода игры, то это твои проблемы..

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#34 by NovaSky (User) (0 mesaje) at 2008-08-21 20:29:37 (664 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top gameplay video de la GC 2008

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Mulţi cred că le-au citit, însă sînt şi care nu ştiu de ele. Am să postez o serie de întrebări şi răspunsuri(43 la număr) vizavi de Starcraft II.

Starcraft II Questions & Answers

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 1

1)What is this: - ? It appears to be a drop ship of some type maybe, can we comment on this unit?

The unit seen is a building add-on, and well be revealing more on the Terran building upgrades in the future.

2)What type of scripting language is being used? Aspiring map/mod makers would like to know.

StarCraft IIs editor features a proprietary scripting language that is based largely on C with some special parameters specific to the game. Of course, for most users, they will have access to the more user friendly Trigger Editor which will allow beginner and intermediate map designers to make advanced maps without having to learn the particular details of the scripting language. Well release further information about the world editor as we move forward.

3)Players have pointed out that the nuke laser dot graphic showing their destination is quite a bit larger and more noticeable than the original games. Is this a finished graphic and are we intending to make incoming nukes easier to spot now?

In the announcement gameplay video the incoming nuke marker was shown as if launched by the player. To other players it will still be shown as a smaller dot very similar to the classic StarCraft nuke.

4)The mothership time distortion doesn't seem to stop all incoming projectiles or fire, what exactly does it protect against?

The Mothership time-slowing ability is intended to deal with all types of incoming attacks, although only incoming missiles were shown prominently in the announcement gameplay video.

Game Balance

The announcement gameplay video used more than a few tricks to show off each unit. The Mothership for instance was set to be indestructible for a good portion of the time it was on screen, as well as having additional energy so that we could display all of its special abilities in a shorter amount of time than would normally be possible. In addition to the multiple changes made just for the video, the gameplay in the video is not indicative at this time of what the final balance will be. The announcement gameplay video was showing off the game and units in the coolest way possible, and not necessarily in a way that would resemble an actual match.

Game Speed

As some of you may have seen in the developer panel held at the Worldwide Invitational after the announcement of StarCraft II, it was revealed that the gameplay in the announcement video was shown at Normal speed so that we could really showcase it and let everyone see the detail and work put into the game. There will still be the faster game speed settings many players are used to from the original game.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 2

1) Will players be able to select multiple buildings simultaneously?

We are directing much attention to polishing and improving the user interface. On that note, players will definitely be able to select and build from multiple buildings at the same time. You cannot drag-select buildings, but you can shift-click on them and add them to a control-group for ease of unit production.

2) Will workers auto-gather resources if the rally point is set to a mineral node or a geyser?

Of course.

3) Will we be able to select more than 12 units at the same time?

Currently, unit selection is unlimited, but this may change with further development and testing.

4) On a given map, will there be one Mothership per map or one Mothership unit per Protoss player allowed?

We are still testing out many possible circumstances in order to make skirmishes more fun and challenging. At this time, each Protoss player will be able to have only one Mothership at a given time, but as mentioned, everything is still subject to change.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 3

1) What is the role of heroes in StarCraft II? Will they be the same as in StarCraft?

StarCraft II campaign heroes will fulfill roles similar to what appeared in the original StarCraft single player experience, but they will have even more unique abilities from standard units, and will be more innovatively integrated into the story campaign. Heroes will not be buildable in multiplayer.

2) What is the max unit count population for each faction?

Unit population count for each faction will be very similar to the original StarCraft.

3) Will there be an in-game option to change hotkeys around?

Currently it is planned to have this feature, though much testing has yet to be done on it. We are looking into several innovative ways to make the UI customizable to players, to allow flexibility in their style of game play.

4) Is Karunes Forum Avatar a Protoss High Templar?

Yes it is.

5) Will the Robotics Facility have a similar upgrade to the Warp Gate allowing it to warp units in?

There are no plans for this at the moment. Currently Warping technology is limited to the Warp Gate. Of course, we are still testing and balancing this, and nothing is set in stone.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 4

1) Are the yellow minerals shown in the trailers harvestable?

Yes, they will be a harvestable high yield resource, meaning each harvest rotation will result in greater mineral quantities than the standard blue minerals. This gives players more strategic choices when trying to evaluate where they wish to expand. Expand to the high yield but risk easier discovery? Or expand to a safer area but earn fewer resources?

2) Will resource sharing be allowed between allies?

Yes, it is our plan to have this in the game, though there is still much testing and balancing revolving around this ability.

3) Will allied chat be enabled by default for pre-set teams?


4) Is the Zealot charge ability an upgrade as well?

Yes, this ability is upgraded through the Protoss War Shrine.

5) What types of future community updates will there be? will be updated with regular unit and building profiles. Furthermore, there are several projects in the works planned for the Blizzards RTS Community as a whole, which we will share at a later time.

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Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 5

1) Will you be increasing the max players beyond 8?

We are exploring this possibility, though currently it is defaulted to 8 max players.

2) If you have multiple casters selected when you cast a spell, will they all cast it or only one? (ex. will 8 ghosts all use lockdown on a unit or only one?)

Currently, unit abilities are set as smart casting, meaning when you have a group of casters selected, each time you wish to cast a spell, you will either have to click the icon or press the hot key and follow it with a click on the designated place on the map for it to cast. This will obviously prevent locking down a single unit with more than one ghost, though we are also still exploring possibilities to have different methods of casting for casters in which players would want to have multiple casts executed in a single command.

3) Will building placement still be grid based?

Building placement will be grid based.

4) What races will be playable at BlizzCon?

This will be revealed at BlizzCon! See ya there!

5) Why do marines have shields now?

The shields seen on marines in screenshots and videos are an upgrade that can be purchased through research, increasing the marines' overall hit points.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 6

1) Are Photon and Phase Cannons 2 different buildings?

The Phase Cannon is the new version of the StarCraft Photon Cannon.

2) Will carriers (Tempest) produce more than one drone type?

Not at this time.

3) I noticed in your art video that Colossus ground unit was under fire from missile turrets. Is this due to the Colossus's exceptionally high attack profile (tall stature) or a ground-to-ground attack feature/option for the turrets?

Because of the Colossus's height, it will be susceptible to Anti Air defenses like the Terran Missile Turrets, as well as both ground and air attacks. It is possible for the Colossus to be hit by ground and air attacks at the same time.

4) Will there be critters units and can they attack?

There will be critters, but they won't attack. If they did they would be creeps.

5) Will holding the Alt' button show unit/building hit points overhead as they did in Warcraft 3?

Yes, when holding the Alt' button, all health bars of buildings and units on the screen will be displayed. This is an excellent way to quickly assess which units are healthy and which units are damaged.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 7

1) Will the look of the siege tank be changed for the final version?

In response to much fan feedback, the siege tank has indeed been redesigned, with a much more powerful look to it. This visually redesigned siege tank will be shown at BlizzCon 2007.

2) Will there be a ctrl-a key stroke to select all your units on screen?

Not at this moment, but the hot keys have not been finalized yet for StarCraft II.

3) Will we get to hear the return of some of the original melodic themes from SC1 (like the terran themes), or will the music for sc2 be completely new?

There will mostly be new epic theme songs with similarities to the original faction music. Music is still definitely in the works, thus we will not rule out a reprise of one of the original songs.

4) Will the High Templar still be able to create hallucinations?

In the current version of StarCraft II, the Hallucination ability will be back, but not as a High Templar ability, but rather a Star Relic ability.

5) When will you release a SC2 fansite kit?

The Fan Site Kit will be released around BlizzCon.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 8

1) Will there be upkeep in StarCraft II?

No, there will not be.

2) What will be the highest number of upgrades for the shields, armor or weapons?

Currently, the highest number of upgrades per weapon/armor/shield type will be 3, which is the same as the original StarCraft. The values of each upgrade will be determined through much balance testing.

3) Will the StarCraft II Editor be easy or hard to use?

Blizzard game editors have always been aimed at empowering the community to create a huge variety of fun game modes and maps. This editor will be no different.

The editor for StarCraft II will be very easy to use for new players to create their own custom maps and games. Furthermore, this editor will have many more scripting options available to players, to allow for even more player creativity in their maps beyond that seen in prior RTS titles such as Warcraft III.

4) Will the Zealot charge ability cause more damage on the initial attack than on all other attacks?

the Zealot charge will close the distance between the Zealot and its target, which will be a significant advantage in many situations, compared to a Zealot without the upgrade, but will not actually give it more attack power or an initial stronger attack.

5) When selecting the Phase Prisms I noticed they have a 3rd, yellow meter below their shields and health. Is this meant to represent mana or storage capacity (warp-in capacity)?

This bar represents the Phase Prisms storage capacity, as it also serves as an aerial transport unit.

6) Does the Phoenix Overload ability use energy or is it a timed charge similar to Blink?

The Phoenixs Overload ability does not use energy, but instead will have a cool down timer after use.

În cadrul conferinţei Activate Asia Pacific din Auckland, Noua Zeelandă, Philip Earl - managing director Activision Blizzard, a confirmat că mult-aşteptata strategie real-time Starcraft 2 va fi lansată în cursul anului viitor.

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#39 by molocinic (User) (0 mesaje) at 2008-09-08 16:12:22 (661 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Au spus ca trebuie sa apara deja toamna asta! Joaca nu sa schimbat este tot acel "Starii dobrii Star Craft" numai ca sunt adaugati uniatii noi iar cele vechi putin modificate spre bine !!! Ah da era sa uit si grafica a fost PIZDETS ce de tare IMBUNATATITA asaca daca aveti comp pentium -1 nici nu va viibiti !

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Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 9

1) In the gameplay video the UI is toggled on/off several times. Will that be an option in-game?

Currently, the UI will only toggle off during game cinematics. There are currently no plans to implement this for single-player or multiplayer as it would give some players an advantage over others.

2) Will the Twilight Archon have abilities?

Yes. In the BlizzCon build, the Twilight Archon had the feedback ability. We are still doing much work on this unit, so none of this is final.

3) Can Protoss Units be attacked during the Warp-In process?

Yes. When units are warping in, the unit will increase in hit points until they are at max hit points and at that point youll be able to control the unit.

4) Will there be some old units from StarCraft be included in the Map Editor for StarCraft II?

There will be units included in the Map Editor which will not be in the standard multiplayer skirmish mode. These will include various units from the original StarCraft, such as the Protoss Dragoon.

5) Will different races have different max-squad caps?

Currently all 3 races will have the same maximum population cap at 200.

6) Can the Planetary Fortress lift off?

Once the Command Center has been upgraded to be a Planetary Fortress, the Command Center can no longer lift off. Furthermore, the Command Center cannot be changed back into a normal Command Center with lift off capabilities.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 10

1) What does the "Intercept Missiles" function of the Predator do exactly?

The Predator is equipped with a point defense laser system which destroys incoming enemy projectiles. This ability makes the Predator an excellent support fighter to help defend slower capital ships, such as the Battlecruiser.

2) Can the Radar Tower also detect invisible units even in Fog of War?

No. On the other hand, Sensor Arrays and Radar Towers do allow all Missile Turrets in its range to also detect invisible units within those Missile Turrets range.

3) Can the Thor defend itself against air units well?

The Thor unit can attack air units, although it has a relatively slow rate of fire. It is always still better to escort your Thor units with additional support units.

4) Can the Thor be attacked by the Missile Turret like the Colossus?


5) Will phase cannons dissipate if they travel outside influence of pylon matrix?

No, phase cannons will not be destroyed if they travel outside of pylon power. However, phase cannons caught outside of pylon power will still be able to move but will also be stuck in energy form. They cannot redeploy until they are back in range of pylon power. Also, while in energy form, phase cannons have no shields and are extremely vulnerable to enemy fire.

6) When a player in a team game leaves will the computer AI take over? Or, will the remaining players be given control of that person's team?

Computer AI will not take over if your ally leaves in a team multiplayer game. Although, if you have allied control set, the player will be able to control their allys units after they leave.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 11

1) Will map sizes in StarCraft II be similar or larger than the maps in the original StarCraft?

Map sizes can fluctuate on a per-map basis, but generally the playable area on maps are about the same. The terrain cells were converted over into the new editor to proportionally match the original StarCraft (i.e. 128x128 SC1 is about the same as 128x128 in SC2 ).

2) Will StarCraft II Heroes have unique abilities?

Heroes will have unique abilities different from regular unit abilities. Heroes will be playable only for single player and will not be a part of the multiplayer skirmish experience.

3) Will the Terrans be weak to melee without the Firebat?

Dont worry, the Terrans will have plenty of other counters to melee units. Nonetheless, because we know there are so many people who do love the Firebat unit, it will be in the map editor.

4) Will Mutalisks attack still hit multiple targets?

Yes, the Zerg Mutalisk unit is currently designed to hit multiple units with a single attack.

5) Will a submerged supply depot still be able to be attacked? Will it have more hit points while submerged?
Yes, the submerged supply depot will still be able to be attacked, and no it will not have more hit points. The ability to submerge a supply depot is designed to allow units to move over them strategically. Players will not only be able to keep enemies out, allow friendly units to pass through, but they are also powerful roadblocks in separating incoming armies in 2.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch12

1) How useful will tier 1 units be in the late game?

As a staple of the original StarCraft, which we intend to carry over to StarCraft II, is that every unit has a specific role in that factions army. Every unit will fulfill a unique role, which complements the other units, some better than others of course. In subscribing to that idea, tier 1 units will be quite useful in late game as well as early. Many of the tier 1 units will be able to be upgraded to keep up with the later game units as well.
For example, the Terran Marine currently has 3 upgrades available to it, as well as its standard attack and armor upgrades. New upgrades such as the combat shields, increasing the Marines health will be important in having the Marine deal with later game units.

2) Can we expect units to replace the Reaver and the Soul Hunter?

Yes, we are always testing the addition of new units as well as the removal of older units. For instance, in our current build, the Terran Firebat is back in the game, as we test how he interacts with the new additions into StarCraft II. Of course, nothing is final though.

3) What was the reasoning behind axing spell X (lockdown, mind control etc)?

As mentioned above in question 2, much like with units, we are also testing several new abilities for StarCraft II. If these abilities do not work as we would intend, it is always possible for a reintroduction of original abilities from the original StarCraft. We are constantly striving to improve and complement what has already been very successful with StarCraft for StarCraft II.

4) Will you be able to use custom army colors in the game?

In custom maps created through the Map Editor, players will be able to select any color for their factions. In multiplayer games, players will be able to choose between approximately 12-18 colors.

5) Will there be a black player color?

We have tried using black, but it was too difficult to differentiate units on the mini-map from the fog of war.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 13

1) Are the Ultralisk making a return in SC2?

The Ultralisk figures heavily in our current plans, but as with everything else relating to units and balance, this is subject to change.

2) Will there be in game voice chat supported in SC2?

Yes, there are plans to implement voice chat into, but details beyond that are yet to be announced.

3) What are the system requirements ?

We are still optimizing the game and do not have minimum system requirements yet. Nonetheless, StarCraft II will require pixel shader 2.0 and at least 128mb of dedicated video RAM.

4) Will we be seeing any hybrid units in StarCraft II?

We are planning to explore the mysteries surrounding the Xel'naga for the single player campaign. In the campaign you will encounter several unique units that would not otherwise be seen in multiplayer. At this time, you'll just have to wait and see.

5) Does the Thor burn out like Terran buildings if it is damaged?

No, the Thor does not burn down like the Terran buildings. It will be like the other Terran vehicles, which are able to be repaired by the scv.

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Mike Morhaime, preşedintele studiourilor Blizzard Entertainment, a anunţat în cadrul ceremoniei de deschidere că toţi vizitatorii BlizzCon 2008 vor primi un key pentru participarea în beta-testul strategiei real-time StarCraft 2. O dată estimativă de începere a testului nu a fost dată însă publicităţii.

UPDATE!!! StarCraft 2 will be shipped as the StarCraft 2 Trilogy. Three separate games, one for each race.

Wings of Liberty (Terran)
Heart of the Swarm (Zerg)
Legacy of the Void (Protoss)

Terran will ship with the game,Other two - sometime in the future(Terran campaign will be released first, then Zerg, then finally Protoss.)

Multiplayer is going to be unchanged. All 3 races will be implemented and available with the Terran and al subsequent releases.

SC2 will be HUGE with in-game cinematics. They've worked long and HARD on this one.

O_o wtf?

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#44 by NovaSky (User) (0 mesaje) at 2008-10-11 21:36:29 (657 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#42 TermikMDA, "... O_o wtf? ..." - probabil vor sa scoată joaca mai repede şi nu toate companiile sunt gata, dar bine ca toate rasele vor fi în prima parte

#42 TermikMDA, "... SC2 will be HUGE with in-game cinematics. They've worked long and HARD on this one ..." - :ae:

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#44 DarkMaster, "... probabil vor sa scoată joaca mai repede şi nu toate companiile sunt gata, dar bine ca toate rasele vor fi în prima parte ..." - de scos precis că o scot mai devreme(posibil pînă la crăciun, acum e posibilă varianta aceasta). Însă am avut în vedere că va costa triplu, iar eu aveam în planuri să procur una licenţiată. epic.

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Luxury - Zerg (Coreea de Sud) e campion mondial la Starcraft(WCG 2008); l-a cîştigat în finală pe Stork - Protoss (Coreea de Sud).
După cum ţin minte eu , coreenii au dominat toate WCG-urile fiind campioni.
GOSU nna.

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Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 14

1) Will there be Vespean Gas deposits that yield better rates, the same as yellow crystals?

It is very likely that there will be higher yield Vespean Gas deposits, though we are being very careful in balancing this, since gas collection is based on a more linear rate of collection (3 collectors) versus mineral collection.

2) What happens if you initiate the warp-in of a Protoss Stalker but the pylon providing power is destroyed before warp-in completes?

If you lose the pylon providing power for the unit warping in, you will lose that unit, and the purchasing credits will likely be refunded.

3) Could the Colossus be transported by the Phase Prism, since the Prism's crystal can turn any matter into energy?

Yes, the new Phase Prism now transports by changing the unit they wish to transport into energy, which is stored in the Phase Prism for transport. This allows the Phase Prism to be able to transport even gigantic units such as the Colossus.

4) What happens if a Terran Battlecruiser targets a Protoss Stalker with the Yamato Cannon but the Stalker blinks away before the shot is completed?

Currently, the shot from the Yamato Cannon will still track and hit the Protoss Stalker.

5) Will Dark Templars be invisible when warping in, or susceptible to attack for a few seconds before it fades out?

No, currently the Dark Templar will be invisible the instant it begins to warp-in, though of course we are still testing this for balance as it makes the Dark Templar quite strong in back door drops.

6) Do the bunkers have any visual indication as to whether or not they're occupied?

Currently the bunkers do not have any visual indications to whether it is occupied or not, but this is something we would like to change.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 15

1) Can an upgraded command center be salvaged? Does it lose its mobility when upgraded to a surveillance station?

No, the command center cannot be salvaged, nor can it lift off after it is upgraded to a Surveillance Station (allows the use of the Comsat ability).

2) In StarCraft 1, when you cancel a nuclear launch that is in progress, you lose the warhead. Will StarCraft II make any changes to this setback?

Currently, if you cancel the nuke while it is firing, you will still lose the nuke. This outcome has not yet been finalized and may be changed in the final version.

3) Can a Ghost be equipped with both a Nuke and Drop Pod simultaneously?

Yes, any Ghost can launch either a Nuke or a Drop Pod, making the Ghost highly effective at responding to multiple battle circumstances.

4) Will "caster" units, such as the Protoss High Templar, have a regular attack, like Tassadar had in SC1, or will they only be able to attack through their spells?

Currently, there are no plans to give the High Templar a physical attack, though High Templar Heroes will have additional abilities beyond that of the standard unit. At the moment, the High Templar is one of best support units in the game, with the ability to cast a devastating Psi Storm or choke off crucial areas of the map with the force field ability. Once you've used up its energy, no worries, convert it into an Archon with another Templar.

5) Can Marines use the Stim Pack while in a bunker? What about a Ghost's snipe ability?

In the current build, abilities cannot be activated while inside a bunker, but you can activate abilities before entering a bunker. For example, if you activate Stim Pack on a few Marines, then enter a bunker; they will attack at the higher rate of fire from inside the bunker. The Stim Pack effects will still wear off as normal though.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 16

1) Does the Time Bomb ability of the Mothership stop a Nuclear Missile (just like other missiles) when used on the area where the Nuclear Missile is about to explode?

The Time Bomb ability of the Mothership is designed to stop a Nuclear Missile if used at the right time, making a powerful counter in the hands of a skilled Protoss Player. This ability has still yet to go through the needed balance to make sure this is not over powering, but it is our intention to try and get that ability in the final version as designed.

2) In the UI there are little boxes just to the right of the minimap that have numbers on them. How exactly do these function? Different gameplay screenshots suggest different functionality.

I believe the small boxes you are referring to are the Control Groups used to select multiple units at a time, making it faster to give attack and move orders.

3) Do Drop Pads make new units or use this recruited before?

There are plans to have the drop pods be manually loaded with units created by the player, to better allow the player to adapt to their current tactical needs.

4) What was the design teams rationale in adding a second siege style unit (Thor) to the Terran race?

The Thors role compared to the Siege Tank, is more of an assault unit rather than a siege unit. The Thor is much more exposed when attacking an enemy location, while the Siege Tank has a much larger range and is able to hit the enemy at a larger distance. The range of the Siege Tank has also been increased since the BlizzCon Demo.

5) How do the Yamato and Plasma Torpedo upgrade work? Do you have to research these things only once or will you have to pay for each battle cruiser?

Battlecruisers can be upgraded only once, with either a Yamato Gun or Plasma Torpedos. After the Battlecruiser is upgraded, it can then use that particular special ability as long as it has enough energy to do so.

6) With MBS and automine in the game, what macro-specific features are going to be added to make sure that the player always has as much to do on the macro side as he does micro? Will a player still be able to favor macro or micro according to his own style?

It is our goal to allow players to micro more vs. macro more. This is something that was great about the original StarCraft and it is something we want to maintain while we add new mechanics as well as interface features. We are still evaluating such features as automine as well as MBS. We dont have an answer for this at the moment, but we are working on it.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 17

1) Will the defensive matrix of the Terran Nomad apply to enemy units within its AoE (Area of Effect)?

Yes, the Terran Nomads Defense Matrix ability will affect both friendly and enemy units, thus using this ability on a position that the player can hold will be wise.

2) What helps to delineate the Thor and Battlecruiser as both being high-tier support units? Lots of concern over this duality ?

Currently, the Thor has splash damage, whereas the Battlecruiser has direct damage in its attack. We definitely agree with most of the community that the Thors role overlaps with various other roles on the Terran Faction, thus we may modify that role or possible cut the unit.

3) Will there be any consideration of having an oceanic server?

Unfortunately, this has not been decided yet, as many aspects of has still yet to be implemented.

4) Will the Protoss Colossus be able to walk over Supply Depots like over cliffs?

This is an issue that is still being discussed quite a bit. We like how when enemy units enter your base, they are forced to deal with the layout of your base, but at the same time we are also dealing with the realism factor, where cliff climbing Colossuses ought to be able to step over Supply Depots. Many issues we face are similar to those debated amongst the community, and for this particular topic we dont yet have a final answer.

5) An obvious goal (among many) for Starcraft2 is to maintain the profile of being an E-Sport. What facet do you consider more integral to the growth of that ideal: An extremely high skill ceiling that demands years upon years to achieve mastery, or an extraordinarily large base of interested players to provide the attention that such a sport needs in order to succeed and grow? Obviously both are important, but when it comes to design ideals, what has more pull? Accessibility or Longevity?

I think for e-sport we need the high skill ceiling. Though really as you say, both are very important. As designers we have spent years focusing on accessibility. Ideas must be accessible to even be put into the game. So we are just not as worried about making the game accessible. That will happen. What we are focused on, what is the more challenging problem is making the game last for years and years and years. So in our development cycle at the moment, longevity definitely has the larger pull. Longevity is the harder problem to solve, so we put way more effort into making the game as challenging as possible to master. Dustin Browder, Lead Designer of StarCraft II

6) How will unit collision and stacking be handled ? Can flying units pass on top the Colossus or is it blocking ?

No, the Colossus will not block a flying unit. In terms of collision and stacking, units first always follow your order, and when it completes your order, they will stop and spread out. The area in which those units spread out will be slightly less than in the original StarCraft.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 18

1) Will doodad placement values increase? (ie, more than 256)

We expect the doodad placement value will be on the same order as Warcraft III, which I believe was something like 10,000, so definitely way more than 256.

2) Will the number of available locations/triggers increase? The current limit on locations really cramps some ideas.

Any limits on both regions and triggers will be at least in the thousands.

3) Will the new map editor include ALL the triggers in the program unlike Staredit?

Yes, even moreso than Warcraft IIIs WorldEdit. Weve been making a point of ensuring that ALL script functionality is also exposed in the Trigger Editor UI.

4) Will max unit limits increase? The current unit limit on maps is quite a crimper, and nobody likes CCMU (cannot create more units).

I dont recall the exact unit limit in the original StarCraft, but the StarCraft II limit will likely be a healthy boost over the limit in Warcraft III. The exact value hasnt been nailed down yet and will depend on optimizations near the end of the project (i.e. shortly before release).

5) Will the new map editor include unused units such as the crashed scouts, turrets, eggs, nukes, scarabs, crash command center, etc? Third party programs were needed to use these.

All units defined in the data files will be usable in the editor. I believe this was true in Warcraft III as well.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 19

1) Will the Protoss be getting any mechanism for healing their units or repairing their buildings?

There are no plans to give the Protoss any healing abilities, especially since their shield regeneration rate when out of combat, is more than twice the rate of the original StarCraft.

2) With the new physics engine, can explosions affect surroundings? (like hurt or push units, destroy doodads, etc )

Explosions will not be able to push units, but they can destroy doodads. In fact, destroying certain doodads will be vital on certain maps, to get access to expansions or other strategic locations. Furthermore, explosions will not be able to push units because it would affect gameplay and balance negatively, in having units be knocked off cliffs, be stuck in unplanned locations, or ultimately have units disoriented where the player cannot control them.

3) How long does a unit typically take to make from concept to playable unit?

With a finished concept piece, it could take from a few days to a few months, to create it for the game. Much of this time depends on the priority of the unit amongst other development goals, as well as the iterations necessary to perfect the unit. The Zerg Baneling is an example of a unit that took only a few days to complete after the concept, whereas the Protoss Stalker has gone through several iterations, and has taken 4-5 months.

4) Are the units on the official site finalized, or is everything still up for grabs at this point?

We are still heavily in the development phase of StarCraft II, thus none of the units on the website are 100% final. We are also still testing out several new units, abilities, and mechanics, to create the most fluid StarCraft II experience.

5) What do the Protoss eat? (Where do they get energy and mass?)

Protoss gain nutrition from sunlight, or at a pinch, moonlight (which is just reflected sunlight anyway) by absorbing through their skins. They can go for extended periods without absorbing sunlight. What little moisture they need is also absorbed through their skin.

Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 20

1) Will it be possible to give more fluid and realistic movements to small aircraft with proper banking and turning rather than just abrupt sprite-style direction changes?

We are currently in the process of implementing banking animations for flying units, but playability always comes first. If the animations affect playability negatively, it could get cut.

2) With the Reavers no longer in the game, will the Protoss have any units capable of performing brutal worker raids?

The Colossus is an excellent choice for worker raids, since it is able to attack from higher elevations, and can be transported by the Phase Prism. In addition, we are exploring some ideas for the Twilight Archon that would allow him to make devastating attacks on enemy workers.

3) Will there be a escort ship for Battlecrusier because Protoss have like many kinds of capital ships?

With the Predator unit cut, the Viking is now the primary Terran air to air fighter. In addition, the Viking no longer requires an upgrade to transform between a ground and air unit and is also built directly from the Starport rather than the Factory.

4) Will there be units who can trample opponents (such as an Ultralisk)?

Currently, there are no units that trample, but have discussed this idea as a possibility. Nonetheless, we also hit the dilemma of having a trample unit that is able to destroy enemy unit assets far beyond its own cost of the trample unit, with relatively little micro.

5) Will siege tanks be able to shoot at targets in the fog of war picked up by sensor towers, but not yet confirmed by visual sighting?

No. Siege Tanks will only be able to hit targets within visual range. In addition, Siege Tanks firing from the fog of war, such as on an unseen cliff, will not reveal its location from the fog of war to its enemy, thus will not be able to be return fired upon.

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#48 by tiusergiu (Power User) (0 mesaje) at 2008-12-15 02:13:38 (647 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
Prea greu il fac.... joku asta... si in plus cladirile sa le schimbe la oameni ca parca-s niste casute pentru copii de plasmas..... in rest efecte kklau pare interesant, gameplayul e facut bine
Oare ce resurse o sa ceara????

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#49 by Lymos (User) (0 mesaje) at 2008-12-16 23:20:04 (647 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
#48 tiusergiu,"... Oare ce resurse o sa ceara???? ..." -

TermikMDA wrote:

3) What are the system requirements ?

We are still optimizing the game and do not have minimum system requirements yet. Nonetheless, StarCraft II will require pixel shader 2.0 and at least 128mb of dedicated video RAM.

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#50 by XelNaga (1a2a3a) (0 mesaje) at 2008-12-25 21:25:56 (646 săptămâni în urmă) - [Link]Top
The famous television network G4TV presented in their gaming X-Play series an interview with Dustin Browder and Chris Sigaty. In the interview, Sigaty mentions that they are now prepared to open the game to a larger audience, confirming suspicions that the Beta will most likely start shortly after the beginning of 2009. In addition, Browder said that Blizzard retains the right to change anything throughout the Beta process. Gratitude goes to 3echelon for bringing up this video.

The interview :

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